150.000 solid carbide high-performance tools from stock. And now also online.

Our stock program is characterized by an enormous variety, best quality and high precision. In addition to a wide and deep range of milling tools from Ø 0.06 mm, we offer solid carbide drilling and reaming tools, circular saws and insert tools.


Tools. Precision. Solid carbide. Performance.

Tools, excellent delivery capability and high professional competence. Our claim is to get our customers to their goal quickly: With high-precision tools, short response time and on-site technical support.

Our product portfolio is perfectly aligned with the requirements of modern tool and die making. We offer a comprehensive selection of cutting tools for all common applications and materials. Over 150,000 of our stock tools are measured with high-end measuring machines. In addition, we are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of solid carbide special tools. With decades of experience, we manufacture high-performance special solutions with individual shapes, dimensions and geometries. You can rely on quality from schreurs.

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Schreurs 8479 Bigstock Engineer Planning Project With 98580329
150.000 high-precision tools for milling, drilling, reaming, threading and turning - available from stock
100.000 tools of which are precision measured and are delivered with the most important information.
2.000 long-standing and satisfied customers in Germany and other European countries are among our customer base.
35 years of accumulated experience in the production and application of cutting tools since the establishment


Rollo Berg13 12 23

Anlieferung Rollomatic 660 XW

Heutige Anlieferung der Rollomatic im Werk Reutlingen. Sowie die Helicheck Messmaschine nächste Woche installiert wird kann die Produktion unserer KaratLine Serie in Reutlingen starten. Geplant ist ein signifikanter Anteil der KaratLine Werkzeuge in 2024 im Werk Reutlingen auf den dort installierten Rollomatic Einheiten zu fertigen.

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Rollo Schulung

Training Rollomatic

Heute startete das erste Training für mehrere Produktionsmitarbeiter der schreurs bei Rollomatic in der Schweiz für unsere neue Maschinengeneration Rollomatic GrindSmart 660 XW Die erste Auslieferung ist noch in 2023 geplant. Weitere Trainingstage folgen u.a. auch im Schreurs Werk Reutlingen. Auf der Rollomatic 660 XW werden zukünftig hochpräzise VHM Fräser im Durchmesserbereich <4mm in einer Aufspannung gefertigt.

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