schreurs is a 'climate-friendly company´

schreurs is a 'climate-friendly company´


Nothing but perfection. And this sustainably. schreurs is a climate-friendly company for 2021 and already for 2022 by avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting our ecological footprint.
Combating climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges. We at schreurs and altkotec want to contribute to fighting it out of conviction. In addition, we have understood that global framework conditions on sustainability also influence our business - via the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Agreement, the European Green Deal, the German Climate Protection Program 2030 or protest movements such as "Fridays for Future". We are responding to this and have

  • taken a holistic approach to sustainability,
  • we have carried out a comprehensive analysis of key sustainability issues,
  • we have defined the focal points of our sustainability work and set targets,
  • developed a reference document for responsible action in the form of the Integrity Code for fair partnerships, and
  • we have surveyed our carbon footprint, formulated reduction targets and offset unavoidable emissions.
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Because we are convinced that we are doing the right thing ethically and economically, we are already going well beyond external requirements, even as a medium-sized company. We are particularly proud of the fact that schreurs and altkotec are climate-friendly companies for 2021 and 2022. For our customers, this means in concrete terms: All schreurs and altkotec products are climate-neutral and contribute zero grams of CO2 to our customers' ecological footprint. With these products, we therefore also support them in achieving their own climate goal.

You can read why in this brochure: